Rigging for machinery moving is an art form which requires the right equipment, whether it's moving in a single new machine to your factory or relocating your entire plant across the country.

From small jobs to large jobs, injection mold machines to windmills, American Industrial Werks provides rigging, heavy machinery moving services, equipment & machinery assembly and precision leveling.


Every job is unique and requires a plan of attack that is cost-effective and safe to protect your investment. Our crews have supported a broad spectrum of industries with heavy and/or complex machines. We are prepared to work with delicate equipment in clean room environments taking great care to protect your floor, or tackle the messiest of jobs such as those in steel factories and chemical plants.

To start the job we will coordinate with trucking firms to prevent delays or you can put your machines and equipment in our storage and we will bring it to your facility on our trucks.

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Our capabilities include:

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