Plant & Equipment Relocation Services

Plant Relocation Machinery Move

Whether relocating a single piece of equipment, a production line, consolidating facilities or relocating an entire operation, American Industrial Werks, Inc. can help you each step along the way.

Feasibility & Cost Budgeting

Our team stands ready to assist you in getting a handle on your budget, by helping you obtain realistic relocation costs. While competition is good, it also opens the door for low ball pricing from companies just vying to get their foot in the door. Tossing out the highest and lowest bid doesn't help your planning when the highest bid is still lower than your real cost. These flawed estimates can provide unrealistic expectations that lead to poor planning and costly mistakes. The result... a blown budget and financial strain that puts your business at risk.

American Industrial Werks consulting team can help your management prepare a realistic analysis for logistical planning and project cost estimating.

Planning a move dictates a substantial investment in time.
Request a "Feasibility & Cost Budgeting" quote today... and protect yourself from the "relocation two-step".

Machinery Moving and Rigging


Feasibility & Cost Budgeting is a consulting service we provide, separate from our actually relocation services. Below are our additional services, which you can count on for a successful move.

Machinery Moving and Rigging

Our experienced riggers and movers are ready to tackle projects that involve heavy lift rigging and machinery moving, steel erection, structural modifications, complex component assembly, leveling and alignment, as well as inventory packing and relocation.

Machinery Installation

An integral part of machinery moving and rigging is machinery installation and not all rigging or machinery moving companies have the necessary expertise. Our crews have the experience to assemble large complex machines and equipment. We specialize in industrial mechanics for assembly and precision alignment, HVAC for machinery ducting and custom hoods, electrical work, concrete machine foundations and provide highly skilled project managers to ensure we meet with your professional standards.

HVAC Installation and Maintenance

Our seasoned HVAC experts have done it all when it comes to Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning. From new construction to facility modification our services include:

  • HVAC Design-Build
  • Temperature Management Solutions
  • Indoor Air Quality Control
  • Full Heating and Air Installations
  • Air Conditioner & Furnace Repair and on-going maintenance contracts
  • Rooftop Units
  • Refrigeration
  • Gas Hook-ups and process piping
  • Ductwork Repair
  • Energy Evaluations
  • Machinery Ductwork
  • Sheet Metal / Guards

Pipe Fitting

We offer many types of pipe installation. From pneumatic piping to glycol systems to machine greywater systems we install PVC, carbon steel, stainless, copper, threaded, butt welded, socket welded and grooved end piping.

Certified Welding

Our certified welding teams are trained for anything from chiller installations to structural welding using stick welding, TIG, MIG, and soldering applications on carbon steel and stainless.

Machine Foundations & Floors

Often large heavy machinery requires a thicker concrete foundation than what already exists. Our concrete team will provide concrete cutting and excavation, and then pour a new foundation reinforced with rebar. For machines requiring water drainage, tied with our piping services, we will install a greywater system sufficient to your overall needs that meets building code.

Your new facility floor may not meet the needs of your operation. When you need a thicker foundation, floor resurfacing, repair or sealing, we've got solid solutions.


Professional electricians are always needed when relocating your business or just moving a machine or two. We offer simple connect/disconnect services for machinery to switch gear replacement to on-going electrical equipment service and maintenance.

Industrial Service

American Industrial Werks is an industrial services company. We not only help you when you need relocation services, our team helps your business grow.

  • Feasibility & Cost Budgeting
  • Turn-key plant relocation
  • Facility preparation
  • Machinery and equipment rigging, loading and unloading
  • Local trucking and transportation coordination
  • Machinery and equipment installation to including mechanical and electrical
  • Millwright and precision alignment services
  • Custom metal fabrication
  • Decommissioning, demolition and clean-up

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