Pallet Racking Installation

Selective Racks - Pallet Racking

American Industrial Werks, Inc. installs racking for a wide variety of customers. Our professional crews have dismantled, relocated, and installed thousands of bays of racking, so when we install your racking you can rest assured your racking will be installed solid, safe, and secure.

Poorly installed pallet racking can be disastrous; a quick search on YouTube should give you all the evidence you need to think twice about taking the lowest bid. The obvious answer to avoiding those problems is finding a quality installer focused on safety and professionalism. Safety and professionalism are paramount at American Industrial Werks. From unloading to assembling to leveling and alignment, our crews have a systematic approach to installing racking that will protect your staff and product from danger and damage.

Types of racking we install:

Selective Racks / Pallet Racking
  • Selective Racks / Pallet Racking
  • Flow-Through Rack (FIFO)
  • Push-Back Rack (LIFO)
  • Roll Racking
  • Drive-Through Rack
  • Drive-In Rack
  • Cantilever Rack

American Industrial Werks has its own installation teams with substantial experience installing racking. We also have our own scissor lifts and forklifts along with in-house certified trainers. When a racking project is initiated a dedicated manager is assigned who supervises the installation process from start to finish. When the job is complete we'll do a walk-through to ensure a quality installation has be done down to the smallest details checking on alignment and removal of old anchors.

Typical industries we've served for racking installations:

Pallet Rack Beams and Uprights

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