Mechanical Contracting

American Industrial Werks, Inc. provides mechanical contracting services in the greater Chicago area. Our contractors specialize in the planning, design and installation of specialized systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional, projects, such as process piping, HVAC, material handling piping, equipment erection, plumbing, and ventilation. They will also repair, service, and replace your equipment and its related components as needed.

Mechanical Process Piping Types and Applications
Chilled Water, Hot Water and Steam Piping, Condensate, Cooling Towers, Pneumatic Compressed Air Systems, Natural Gas Piping, Steam Piping, Pneumatic Piping, Glycol Piping

Chillers, Boilers, Brewery Systems, Cooling Towers, Compressors, Injection Mold Machines, Chemical Tanks, Food and Beverage Tanks, Packaging Lines, Bottling Lines, Conveyors, Walk-in Coolers, Freezers

Ductwork Installation and Repair
Machinery: We handle the ductwork systems for your machinery. Don't waste time chasing multiple contractors when American Industrial Werks can install your machines as well as install and/or repair exhaust venting ductwork.

- Machinery Exhaust Hoods (and kitchen hoods)
- Ducting
- Fans
- Filters
- Discharge Stacks
- Building Air Exchange

Project Planning - Large Mechanical Contracting projects always need a good plan. Our project planning team has the experience that brings efficiency, effectiveness and safety to the process of completing your project. Using these services will help you by organizing your information and facilitating the development of a quality, detailed strategy. Installations run smoother with proper planning.

Industries we serve include: Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Electrical and Energy, Municipalities, Schools and universities, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Printing, Construction, Medical Imaging and Pharmaceutical, Paper Mills and Chemical Plants. Every job is unique, whether it's heavy, sensitive, clean or fragile. Each client's job requires a plan of attack that is cost-effective and safe to protect your investment. Our crews have the expertise to ensure your project is successful.

Mechanical Contracting Capabilities

Architecture Services
Providing design services nationally, the architects at American Industrials Werks are registered in 14 states with offices in Schaumburg & Chicago, IL as well as Palm City, FL.
With more than 30 years of experience our architects provide value added services, resolve problems and create environments that meet and exceed our clients expectations.
Our design approach is a direct function of planning with materials chosen to enhance details. It reflects good planning & engineering to balance high minded design with pragmatic budgeting.
Design Service
Feasibility Design
Permit Acquisition
Cost Estimates and Budgeting
Construction Administration
Trades Contractor Pre-qualification
Engineering Services
American Industrial Werks field-experienced engineers specialize in heavy industrial facility design and modifications. From process engineering and analytical engineering to mechanical engineering and electrical engineering, they can accommodate small or large projects.
Construction Management
Project Management
Structural & Civil Engineering
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Analytical Engineering
Environmental Engineering
Procurement Services
Construction Management
American Industrial Werks Construction Management team specializes in heavy commercial and industrial projects. We manage the details from conception to completion to keep your project within scope, budget and on schedule. Whether east coast, midwest or west coast, our team travels nationwide to meet the needs of our customers and the demands of their projects.
Design Service Selection
Design Assist
Permit Acquisition
Cost Estimates and Budgeting
Bid Solicitation
Trades Contractor Pre-qualification
Electrical Contracting
American Industrial Werks electrical contractors specialize in the planning, design and installation of electrical systems for commercial, industrial, and institutional, projects. They will also repair, service, and replace your equipment and its related components as needed.
Project capabilities:
Complete facility wiring
Machinery power and control wiring
Conveyor power and control wiring
New or replacement switchgear
New sign installations
Electrical disconnect and documentation
Electrical equipment storage
We accept AutoCAD, PDF and all image files

Industrial HVAC

Industrial HVAC Systems
Boiler Feedwater Systems
Chilled and Hot Water
Direct Expansion Cooling
Ducted Supply, Return and Exhaust
Fan Coil
Steam Piping
Unitary Heat Pump
Variable Air Volume (VAV)
Industrial HVAC Equipment
Air Handling Units
Air Separators
Condensing Units
Cooling Towers
Door Heaters
Evaporative Coolers
Heat Exchangers
Roof Top Units


Plumbing Systems
Controlled Roof Drainage
Industrial Hot Water Industrial/Machine Waste Water
Potable and Non-potable Water
Surface and Subsurface Drainage
Plumbing Equipment
Booster Pumps
Filtering Equipment
Plumbing Fixtures
Purification Equipment
Storage Tanks
Sump Pumps
Water Coolers
Water Heaters
Water Softeners

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