Industrial Machinery & Equipment Moving

Industrial Machinery & Equipment Moving
Machinery Moving of Punch Press

Heavy machinery moving... Injection Molding Machines, Shears, CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, CNC Plasma Cutters, Press Breaks, Tanks, Extruders, Shears, Dust Collectors, Compressors, Tunnel Ovens, Offset Printing Press, Heat Treating Lines. American Industrial Werks, Inc. has moved them all.

Heavy Rigging - When the job requires tools and skills beyond standard machinery moving services, we provide heavy rigging services using cranes, gantries, and jacking systems to lift and maneuver machinery, equipment and tanks safely.

Buying or Selling Machinery - You can find American Industrial Werks listed as a Rigger / Loader on We load, unload and install.

Serving the Chicago and Southeast Wisconsin area our crews have provided Rigging, moving, installation, and precision leveling services of heavy equipment on thousands of machines for hundreds of customers. Whether you have one machine to move and install or need a complete relocation of your plant, we have the equipment and know how to rig, move and reinstall everything from heavy industrial to the complex and clean. Our crews move and set heavy equipment into some of the largest cleanrooms in Illinois taking great care to protect the expensive flooring. We've also installed more than 100 tanks in one of the largest breweries in Illinois and installed many other breweries... yet we're happy to relocate single press brake. All of our customers are important to us. 

Our crews are versatile... if it's heavy and awkward, we're your team because we're not your standard rigging company. For example, our installation services for heavy equipment such as Dust Collectors and Compressors include mechanical exhaust ducting. Click Here to learn more. You save time and money by calling American Industrial Werks for both your machinery moving and mechanical work.

Turnkey Plant Relocation - American Industrial Werks can handle your entire plant relocation, from project planning to complex lifting to transportation. We're experts in dismantling and re-installing heavy equipment and machinery. When you are moving and setting up the entire plant, you'll need more than machinery moving. You can be count on American Industrial Werks to have those answers... structural and mechanical engineering, mechanical piping and ducting, even modular cleanrooms and HVAC installation to name a few.

Industries we serve include: Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Electrical and Energy, Municipalities, Schools and Universities, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Printing, Construction, Medical Imaging and Pharmaceutical, Paper Mills and Chemical Plants. Every job is unique, whether it's heavy, sensitive, clean or fragile. Each client's job requires a plan of attack that is cost-effective and safe to protect your investment. Our crews have the expertise to ensure your project is successful.

DOC Examples of machines moved (DOC - 24KB)

Equipment Moving Capabilities

Skiding & Crating Services

Skids and crates are an essential part of machinery moving and plant relocations. American Industrial Werks provides custom build services to secure and protect your valuable machinery and equipment.

When relocating your machines to Mexico, Canada or another county don't have your load get caught in customs because you didn't use properly treated and stamped wood per ISPM-15. Stamped and certified HT wooden shipping crates, skids, pallets, and dunnage provided by American Industrial Werks will help insure that your shipment gets to your destination undamaged and without costly customs delays.


Custom Sized Crates and Boxes
Custom Sized Skids
Mexico and Canada Certified
Wood Dunnage
Turnkey Plant Relocation Services

American Industrial Werks relocates large plants and small shops across town, across the nation and even to Mexico or Canada. Relocating an entire plant or shop requires talent, experience and proper management at a price that won't break the bank.

Capabilities Include:

Demolition and Dismantling
Electrical Disconnects & Reconnects
Machine Foundations
Machinery & Equipment Storage
Machinery Moving & Rigging
Trucking - Vans, Flatbeds, Drop Deck
Machine Installations and Millwright Services
Leveling and Alignment
Welding and Fabrication
Warehousing, Custom Crating and skidding
Cleanroom and Machine Handling
Equipment Available
Air bearing for clean rooms
Boom lifts to 80 foot
Concrete anchoring equipment
Cranes 30 ton to 250 ton
Electric power bar
Flat bed, step decks, double drop, RGN, and van trailers
Fork trucks/Cushion Tire/LP - Capacity: 5K, 8K
Heavy rigging to 100 tons
Hyster S150's, 26K, 30K
Machine leveling equipment
Mechanical and Hydraulic jacks to 1000 tons
Over dimensional trucking and permitting
Polly dollies 10 ton to 40 ton
Scissor lift up to 40 foot
Stair climbers and swing staging
Steel dollies 30 ton to 100 ton
Swivel dollies
Versa-Lift - 25/35, 40/60, 60/80, 75 Ton Twin Lift
Welders and plasma cutter

Industries Served

Schools and Universities

Municipalities, water treatment plants, schools and universities can offer some challenges when it's time to update equipment. Decisions regarding removing or installing heavy, bulky items, such as boilers, either through a window using a crane or up the stairs using forklifts and gantry systems are weighed for safety and cost. But there is always a way to get equipment in and out, whether it's down stairs, using second story window, through a hole in the floor or a hole in the roof.

Our services include:

Machinery moving and installation
Generator and boiler replacements
Heavy hauling
Demolition and scrap removal
Rigging leveling & alignment
Machinery & equipment Storage
Shoring and bracing
On site welding
Medical Imaging & Pharmaceutical

American Industrial Werks service can move and install your sensitive medical grade equipment.
We are experienced in:
Clean room conditions
Ensuring material & equipment cleanliness at your location.
Following protocols


Our crews work on construction sites with general contractors as well as directly with the client. Our rigging and moving services provide the tools and manpower to get the supplies and equipment where needed, when needed.

Construction services available:

Heavy hauling and lifting
Machinery and equipment installation
Rigging, leveling and alignment
Scrap removal

When it comes to heavy lifting, securing and transport of sensitive printing equipment our team can handle it. We are familiar with moving manufacturers such as:

Kodak, Komori, Harris, KBA, Man-Roland
Miller, Mitsubishi, A.B. Dick, Ryobi

Manufacturing & Fabrication

If your line of work is Manufacturing & Fabrication American Industrial Werks has many services to help keep your business running smoothly.

Construction & Demolition:

Custom Steel Fabrication
Machinery Foundations & Pits
Machinery Moving & Rigging
Mezzanine & Bridge Crane Installation
Electrical & Energy

American Industrial Werks assists many electrical contractors with the installation or removal of electrical/energy equipment. Our estimators and crews work with you to help you win the contact and complete the project.
Lower new switchgears down elevator shafts and into position.
Receive and store large UPS units and related equipment, deliver and set for computer data centers.
Remove and install new generators
Remove transformers and take to scrap.

Food and Beverage

American Industrial Werks serves the Food & Beverage industry. When it comes to heavy lifting and transport of sensitive equipment, look to our team to handle it.

Our services include:

Building additions
Conveyor customization and installation
Heavy hauling
Machinery & Equipment Storage
Machinery and equipment installation
Packaging & crating services
Rigging leveling & alignment

American Industrial Werks serves the aerospace industry in more ways than one. When it comes to heavy lifting and transport of sensitive equipment, look to our team to handle it.

Building additions:

Conveyor customization and installation
Heavy hauling
Installation of machinery and equipment
Machinery and equipment storage
Packaging and crating services

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Machinery Moved

Schools and Universities
Cooling Towers
Electrical Switchgear
Machine Shop Equipment
Motor Controls
Portable Class Rooms
Printing Presses
Re circulation Pumps
Water Heaters
Medical Imaging & Pharmaceutical
Mammo Units
MRI Units
CAT Scans
CT Scanners
Linear Accelerator
Alternative energy (solar)
Manufacturing plants
Office buildings
Power plants
Restaurant Kitchen Equipment
Strip malls
University & high schools
Offset Printing Presses
Perfect Binders
Pre-Press Equipment
Saddle Stitchers
Screen Printing Equipment
Xerographic Equipment
Manufacturing & Fabrication
Boilers Chillers
CNC machines
Injection mold machines
Milling machines
Press brakes
Electrical & Energy
Solar Panels
Switch Gears
Uninterruptible Power System (UPS) 
Windmill Components
Food and Beverage
Can Seamers
Case Packers & Sealers
Case Unloaders
Conveyor Systems
Coolers & Warmers
Cooling Towers
Ovens Can Line Systems
Packaging systems
Pallatizers & Depallatizers
Processing equipment
Shrink Wrappers
Tray Loaders

Walk-in Coolers 

Aircraft engines
Wet blast machines
Wet peening machines
Wheel blast machines
Cleaning systems
Material handling systems
Aeronautic testing equipment
Machine shop and fabrication machinery
Welding systems
Conveyor systems
Machines and equipment loaded/transported for air transport.
Fuel and water tanks
Many other machines and equipment related to aerospace manufacturing and facility operation.

Moving Equipment

(Click on thumbnail to enlarge)

Versa-Lift 25/35 Forklift Image
Versa-Lift 25/35 Forklift Image
Versa-Lift 25/35 Forklift
2-stage direct roller mast
3 section boom reaches 23' high
Boom removes in minutes with special boom stand
Horizontal boom retracts while using forks
Onboard scale
Only 5' wide and a 6' 4" wheelbase
Poly tires to protect floors
Propane fueled
The Versa-Lift® 25/35 has a unique frame that extends 3', which enables it to pick up 35,000 lbs at a 24" load center
Total weight: 34,502 lbs.
Versa-Lift 40/60 Forklift
Versa-Lift 40/60 Forklift
Versa-Lift 40/60 Forklift
3 section boom reaches 26' high
Boom removes in minutes with special boom stand
Horizontal boom reaches 72" and retracts back when using the forks
Onboard scale
Only 6' wide and a 98" wheelbase
Poly tires to protect floors
Propane fueled
The Versa-Lift® 40/60 has a 40,000 lb capacity at 36" load center. With it's unique frame that extends 4', pick capacity increases to 60,000 lbs.
With four 4,000 lb counterweights that can be removed easily with a small forklift, shipping weight is reduced to 42,000 lbs.
Versa-Lift 60/80 Forklift
Versa-Lift 60/80 Forklift
Versa-Lift 60/80 Forklift
3 section boom reaches 26' high
At 78,000 lbs with six counterweights this forklift is transported on two legal weight trailers
Boom removes in minutes with special boom stand
Onboard scale
Only 10' wide and a 98" wheelbase
Poly tires to protect floors
Propane fueled
The Versa-Lift® 60/80 has a 80,000 lb capacity at 36" load center, with it's unique frame extended 4'. At 22" and frame extended this forklift capacity is nearly 100,000 lbs.
75 Ton Twin Lift.
75 Ton Twin Lift.
75 Ton Twin Lift.
The TWL075, 75 Ton Mobilift will pick and carry 150,000 lbs. This double boom design provides two lifting points, telescoping counterweight, and has a lifting height to 36 feet.
Standard telescoping counterweight extends 5' using two (2) hydraulic cylinders.
At 77,850 lbs with four counterweights this forklift is transported on two legal weight trailers.
All wheel drive
Wheels: Full capacity wheels with heavy duty anti-frictions bearings.
Four (4) 28" diameter, 14" wide front wheels.
Two (2) 22" diameter, 12" wide rear wheels.
Polyurethane tires to protect floors.
Dimensions: 7' 10" wide and a 11' 10 ½" wheelbase (16" 10 ½" with extended counterweight)
Propane fueled (LP gas).
Standard telescoping counterweight extends 5' using two (2) hydraulic cylinders.

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