Industrial Installation Services

At American Industrial Werks, Inc. you get more service from our exceptional equipment installers at a great price.

So what do you need besides machinery moving? Perhaps you don't need machinery moving at all... just industrial or commercial equipment installation. We do that!

We've found our customers need machines and equipment dismantled, sometimes involving demolition and/or customization. But ultimately, be it new or used equipment, it's "installed" in a new location. Our machine installation services include structural and mechanical engineering, electrical services, mechanical services, concrete services, metal fabrication, leveling/alignment and anchoring services. Bring us your challenges and American Industrial Werks will provide you with solutions.

Engineering - Pre-installation services
Rooftop units, roof curbs, structural steel, commercial kitchen hoods, firewalls, monorails and custom work platforms require engineering and prints for permit acquisition, quoting, and installation. Building prints can be provided when sprinkler systems and firewalls are required.

Start your project with American Industrial Werks and know that your project will go smoothly.

With all the machinery installations we provide, our customers have more installation needs than machinery...Equipment Installation. Our installer have an amazing depth of experience installing material handling equipment to modular offices and clean rooms to cat walks, to walk-in coolers to pneumatic piping to ductwork exhaust systems.

If you don't see what you need installed below, Contact Us to lean how we can provide assistance.

We are uniquely positioned to install the following types of equipment:

Material Handling and Lifting Equipment 

Industrial Installation Services
  • Crane Systems
    • Bridge Cranes
      • Freestanding runway structure
      • Top running / under hung
      • Outdoor use bridge cranes
    • Jib Cranes

Material Storage Equipment

Pallet Rack Installation Services
  • Mezzanine
  • Pallet Rack
    • Selective Racks (see picture to right)
    • Drive-Through Rack
    • Drive-In Rack
    • Flow-Through Rack (FIFO)
    • Push-Back Rack (LIFO)
    • Cantilever Rack

Industrial Installation Services
  • Robotic Equipment
    • Robotic Palletizer
    • IMM Robotic Arm
    • Robotic Welding Torch
  • Lift Systems - Mechanic shop
    • Trucks Lifts
    • Bus Lifts
    • Cars Lifts

Industrial Installation Services
  • Tanks and Vessels
  • Food processing equipment
  • Pre-Engineered In-Plant Buildings
    • In-Plant Offices
    • Guard Buildings
    • Laboratories
    • CMM Rooms
    • Dark Rooms
    • Clean Rooms
    • Control Rooms
    • Isolation Rooms
    • Smoke Rooms
    • Equipment Enclosures
    • Training Rooms
    • Temp/Humidity Enclosures

We Also Install Industrial Curtains - provided by AmCraft Manufacturing, Inc

Industrial Installation Services Industrial Installation Services
  • Warehouse Dividers Curtains
  • Insulated curtain walls
  • Outdoor curtain walls
  • Wash down curtain walls
  • Sandblast bay curtains
  • USDA food grade curtains
  • Dust containment curtain walls
  • Body shop curtains
  • Paint spray booths
  • Aircraft hanger dividers
  • Clean room curtains
  • Industrial noise reduction curtains

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