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At American Industrial Werks, Inc. every job and customer gets our equal attention for quality of service. That being said, there are some jobs that are just more fun than others. Breweries fall into that category of fun. Being part of the start-up or expansion of a brewpub, microbrewery or even a large scale brewery is a source for excitement with our crews. After all, as the movie "How Beer Saved The World" states... "beer was critical to the birth of civilization. It played a crucial role in the building of the pyramids, the founding of America, the Industrial Revolution and advancements in medicine". So every brewery job that comes our way... we say cheers to beer and get down to work.

American Industrial Werks assists breweries in several ways. We have the heavy duty equipment and skilled crews to offload brewing tanks, canning and bottling lines. Our crews set the tanks and other equipment, then level and anchor as necessary. We also bring in the mechanical and electrical guys to run the process piping and electrical infrastructure so the beer can start flowing. Some tanks and silos are so large that they come in pieces and have to be assembled onsite. We use forklifts, cranes, and even helicopters to install the equipment in a brewery... sometimes with a crane or helicopter the job requires tanks to be lowered through a large hole cut in the roof and then maneuvered into position.

For the love of beer... call American Industrial Werks so we can help your brewery grow.

We provide many other services to the beer industry; Industrial food grade curtains, mezzanine and range hood fabrication / installation, racking installation, equipment storage, even construction to widen doorways or remove/install walls etc.

Most important we taste test the beer... but not while we're on the job.

To breweries young and old, know that you hold a special place in our hearts. When you're ready to start or expand your brewery, our team is ready.

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