Food & Beverage - Machinery and Equipment Installation

American Industrial Werks installs heavy machinery and equipment for several industry sectors. The Food & Beverage industry, which is prevalent in the Chicago and Milwaukee metro areas, frequently calls upon American Industrial Werks. Our crews provide installations for food and or beverage processing machinery and equipment. While food processing facilities are common, we also provide machinery and equipment installation services related to this industry for airports & train/bus stations, restaurants, equipment manufacturers, schools, grocery stores, animal food processing facilities, distribution centers, entertainment venues (stadiums, theaters, conventions and banquet halls), hotels, corporate cafeterias, churches, community centers, department stores (IKEA), malls, breweries, and wineries.

Example Project: Food Industry Equipment Move

food and beverages

Types of Machinery and Equipment Installed
Includes leveling and anchoring as necessary

Packaging Systems
Kitchen Hoods and Black Pipe Duct
Canning Line Systems
Can Seamers
Processing Equipment
Conveyor Systems
Pallatizers & Depallatizers
Case Packers & Sealers
Coolers & Warmers
Cooling Towers
Tray Loaders
Shrink Wrappers
Biogas digester tanks
Bridge Cranes
Jib Cranes
Monorail Systems
Platforms and Mezzanines
USDA food grade curtains

Other Machinery and Equipment Moving / Installation Information:

Material Handling Equipment Installation
Machinery Moving Capabilities

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