Solar Charge-Port Relocation and Installation

Objective: Dismantle, relocate and re-install the solar canopy from Douglas Park to Northerly Island (former Meigs Field).

Specialty Tasks:

  • Provide rigging, mechanical expertise and equipment necessary to dismantle and install the solar charge-port.
  • Coordinate oversize load trucking and permits to relocate 19' wide and 14' tall loads through Chicago, IL.

Services Used: Mechanical contracting, rigging, heavy haul trucking.

In July of 2010 American Industrial Werks tackled a green project designed for recharging electric cars. A Solar Charge-Port as it's called was dismantled, relocated, and re-installed from Douglas Park to Northerly Island (formerly Meigs Field). The Solar Charge-Port is a solar-powered electric vehicle charging station. It has been stated that the station will have a 2.4 kW solar panel array and the potential for a 5.5 kWh underground battery pack. The Solar Charge-Port provides 100% clean energy production from the sun. The charging station has been integrated into the P.V. panels, integrated the battery storage component for "shady" days, and created enough structural flexibility to replace the panels as new technologies develop in the solar industry. Coulomb's Charge Point is a universal recharge station for cars such as the Chevy Volt and Toyota Prius, Segways or any rechargeable vehicle with a plug. Carbon Day has developed the Solar Charge-Port with Smith-Gill Architecture and Empact Construction Services to solve all concerns with taking additional energy from the grid.

Carbon Day solar canopy featured on ABC7 Live Green Segment

Solar Canopy located at Douglas Park, Chicago, IL prior to relocation.

Trucks loaded at Douglas Park and ready to go.

Arriving at Northerly Island.

Preparing to set the solar canopy stand.

Setting the canopy on the stand and securing it into position.

Installation of the solar canopy complete.

Other companies/services were involved in this project to include: Concrete and sealant work.

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