Screen Printing Machine Relocation and Installation

Objective: Dismantle, relocate, and Install screen printing machine.

Tasks: Crews were tasked with disassembling, skidding/crating and loading this machine for transport. The crew that disassembled the machine then traveled from Chicago to Arkansas to unload, set, install, level, and align the machine. On this project the American Industrial Werks, Inc. crew had to completely dismantle the machine for safe transportation, then re-assemble at the destination. Often machine re-installation is done by a local installer, however in this case due to the complexity of the installation the new owner chose to pay for travel and have peace of mind that the machine would be put back together correctly. Electrical disconnect and re-connect for this job was handled in-house, but is frequently a turnkey solution offered by American Industrial Werks.

Services Used: Mechanical (dismantle and assemble), rigging, machinery moving, trucking, skidding and crating, leveling and alignment.

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