P51 Mustang (Kit Airplane) Relocation

Objective: Relocate a P51 Mustang (kit airplane) from an industrial facility in Bensenville IL where the initial construction took place, to Landings Airport in Huntley, IL for the build completion.

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American Industrial Werks moves a lot of industrial and food and beverage equipment. However every once in a while a project comes along, seeming simple, such as moving the Craftsman race car or in this case a very cool small aircraft... a P51 Mustang kit airplane.

The particular challenge in moving this airplane was have no good pick points for lifting, which are sometimes built into the frame of the aircraft. To accomplish the task our crew fabricated a lifting ramp much like what was used to move the Craftsman race car. In doing so this approach also eliminated the need and cost for a crane at the origin and destination.

With the lifting ramp constructed the move was straight forward. The crew loaded and secured the aircraft to the ramp, which was then loaded and secured to our 24 foot trailer. Transporting the aircraft was a 35 mile journey along a preplanned route to Landings Condominium Airport for unloading. 

Now that this beautiful aircraft has been relocated to it's new home, our experienced mechanical crew is working to install gas heaters and fans in the hanger so that construction can continue over the winter in comfort.

This project demonstrates our capabilities and custom solutions with another unique project. If you are interested in learning more about how American Industrial Werks can help with your unique project, contact us for a free quote.

Project Description
Provide labor, equipment and materials to load relocate 35 miles, and unload one (1) P51 Mustang kit airplane.

Scope of Work
Fabricate custom lifting ramp.
Arrange and provide for heavy haul trucking of aircraft.
Verify and inspect transition routes to confirm bridge heights and access points to airport.
Load, secure, relocate, and unload aircraft.

Equipment Used to Complete this Project
Equipment truck and 24 foot trailer
Custom build ramp lift
One Hyster 155 forklift

Industry & Market of Customer
Aerospace - Aviation

Delivery/Turnaround Time
One day

Delivery Location
Chicago Area

Standards Met
Installation per Scope of Work/Terms and Conditions
OSHA Regulations                

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