Brewery Installation | Tanks and Bottling Line Conveyor System

Objective: Assist Lagunitas Brewing Company in Chicago with the brewery buildout by installing brewery tanks and the bottling line conveyor system.

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American Industrial Werks has been assisting breweries build and grow since 2008. But in 2013 we started one of our largest projects by helping Lagunitas Brewing Company move into their new 300,000 square foot facility in Chicago Illinois.

The mere size of the equipment installed at this facility presented interesting challenges to overcome such as how to route trucks with thirteen foot diameter tank from the shipyard through a city filled with eleven foot bridges. Another challenge was engineering a system for picking forty two foot tall fermentation tanks from the bottom as there was not enough ceiling clearance to pick them from the top inside the building with a crane.

Given the size of the building most equipment and tanks could be brought into the building on the trucks for offloading and set into place with cranes. However, the forty two foot tall fermenters required a different approach. By cutting a large hole in the side of the building, one crane was used to offload each fermenter from a stretch semi-trailer and two cranes were used to transition each fermenter into the building. An additional hole was cut in the building roof in order to allow one of the cranes to pick the top of the tank from inside the building while the other crane picked the bottom of the tank from outside the building.

American Industrial Werks crews had many roles in building the Lagunitas Chicago facility. In addition to setting tanks, crew would level, align, anchor and grout tanks. Some of the tanks such as the malt silos required installation of load cells. Electrical sensors were installed on all of tanks and wired into the control system, while a completely separate crew assembled the approximately 5,000 square foot bottling line and conveyor system piece by piece. 

Our experienced installation crews work in a neat and professional manner and observed all proper safety precautions. This project demonstrates our ability to perform on large projects, however we have provided installation and upgrade services throughout the Chicago area for various size breweries and frequently 20 bbl systems. American Industrial Werk capabilities go beyond setting and leveling tanks. Our mechanical crews also handle exhaust hoods, piping, chillers & boilers, walk-in coolers, HVAC, conveyors, and concrete pads with trench drains. We even help breweries with rebates for lighting and HVAC upgrades that will save on the cost electricity.

If you are interested in learning more about how American Industrial Werks can help build or upgrade your brewery, and would like us to provide you with a quote, contact us directly. If you're just getting started and need architectural engineering services, we are available to help you get rolling with that as well.

Project Description
Provide labor, equipment and materials to unload and set brewery equipment, install brewery tanks, run electrical connecting all equipment to the brewery control system and install bottling line conveyor system.

Scope of Work
Arrange and provide for heavy haul trucking of malt silos.
Verify and inspect transition routes to confirm bridge heights and access points to brewery.
Assist with planning and layout of tanks/vessels and related equipment.
Unload and erect 115 various brewery vessels.
Complete installation of bottling line conveyor system, including layout, component level assembly, installation and assistance with startup.
Install load cells for malt silos.
Level, align, anchor tanks and related equipment.
Grout tank footings.
Electrical - Pull and trim all control wiring, install cable trays and complete all control wiring for brewery system.

Tanks and Equipment Installed
Eight Malt Silos
Approximately thirty two Fermenters – Forty two feet tall and thirteen feet in diameter
Brewhouse vessels and related equipment
Brew Kettle
Lauter Tun
Hot & Cold liquor tanks
Six Brite (Bright) tanks
Beer Filtering system
Deionizer system for water filtration
Chillers and Boilers
Bottling line conveyor system – approximately 5,000 square feet

Equipment Used to Complete this Project
One 200 ton crane
One 40 ton crane
One 10 ton Spider Crane
One Hyster S150 with boom
One Versa-lift  40/60 forklift with boom
One Hyster 8,000 capacity forklift
One 5,000 capacity forklift
Two 60ft man lifts
Two scissor lifts
Laser leveling and alignment equipment
5 Ton Toe Jacks
Rigging Slings and Shackles
Steel Plates

Industry & Market of Customer
Food & Beverage - Brewery

Delivery/Turnaround Time
Twelve months for primary work

Delivery Location
Chicago Area

Standards Met
Installation per Scope of Work/Terms and Conditions
Local building codes
OSHA Regulations

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