Demolition & Dismantling Services

Demolition Services
Exterior Demolitions

American Industrial Werks, Inc. is a provider of interior and exterior demolition and dismantling services based in the greater Chicago area. Services include gutting commercial/Industrial buildings, offices and warehouses. Examples of exterior demolition are tanks, silos, concrete, sign removal, small buildings and structures. Whether your need is asset recovery or waste removal American Industrial Werks will dismantle or demolish, remove as waste or transport the material for recycling.

Project Planning - Demolition can be a tricky business and taking the time to plan increases safety and efficiency. Using our project planning services for large demolition projects will help keep crews on schedule and budgets under control.

Industries we serve include: Aerospace, Food & Beverage, Electrical and Energy, Municipalities, Schools and universities, Manufacturing and Fabrication, Printing, Construction, Medical Imaging and Pharmaceutical, Paper Mills and Chemical Plants. Every job is unique, whether it's heavy, sensitive, clean or fragile. Each client's job requires a plan of attack that is cost-effective and safe to protect your investment. Our crews have the expertise to ensure your project is successful.

Dismantling Capabilities

Interior Demolition & Dismantling
Removal of obsolete equipment and machinery
Scrap Metal
Scrap Removal
Waste Removal
Exterior Demolition & Dismantling
Commercial and industrial
Concrete breaking and removal
Scrap Metal
Scrap Removal
Sign removal
Small buildings and structures
Waste Removal
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